Wednesday, January 29, 2014

8 weeks

Today was amazing.  I was so nervous about our appointment at the RE because I was afraid that they would tell me that he/she had stopped growing or something else terrible.  Surprisingly (to me), everything was perfect.  Baby is measuring exactly 8 weeks today.  Heartrate was 167 bpm.  We didn't get to see any movement, but it was so wonderful to actually see something.  The husband and I were so excited that we decided to go ahead and do the ol' Facebook post.  I guess that makes it official.  Hopefully that doesn't bite me in the ass!  I always figured I would announce early, though, since I didn't want to have to hide it later if something happened.  I didn't want to have to explain things.  This way, people can share in the good news and hopefully will send me some hand-me-down baby things! haha

How far along: 8 weeks

Size of baby: Raspberry

Physical symptoms: Same as before.  I pretty much still spend the whole day alternating between being starving and nauseous.  No vomiting yet.  Bloating is better than before, but gets worse at night.  So at night, it looks like I am showing even though it is still so early.

Weight gain/loss: Still up about a pound.

Maternity clothes: I pretty much have lived in sweats the past

Stretch marks: Only on my boobies

Sleep: Sleep is pretty much crap now.  I toss and turn and have crazy ass dreams all night, plus I pee like every 2-3 hours.

Best moment since last week: Our ultrasound this morning.  Seeing and hearing that heartbeat still takes my breath away.  I was so afraid they wouldn't find anything today, and there he/she was.

Movement: Way too early.

Cravings/Aversions:  No real cravings, although I tend to lean toward food that is bad for me.  I know, big surprise.  Why can't I crave salad?  As far as aversions go, I'm having a little trouble with meat, especially chicken, which I usually eat all the time.  I cannot handle raw chicken at all and leftover chicken makes me feel like throwing up.

Gender: Still dreaming about baby girls.  Husband is convinced it's a boy.

Labor signs: Way too early!

Belly button:  Innie

What I miss:  Normal sleep, feeling like myself

What I am looking forward to:  Our first OB appointment next month!

On a separate best friend had her son this past weekend.   She had to have an emergency c-section, and he was born small, but luckily he is thriving and is just beautiful.  She is being released from the hospital today, and I know it is hard that she has to leave him behind at the hospital.  So please keep them in your thoughts (and prayers if you go for that sort of thing).  Thanks!


  1. Yay for a healthy baby and for sharing the wonderful news!

  2. Woo hoo for a wonderful day :)

    1. It was a wonderful day! Hope you're feeling great and that your beans are sticking!

  3. So exciting! And what a great heartbeat!! I also remember at around 8 weeks going back and forth between either starving or nauseous. It started to taper off for me in the last week (at 11w) - hopefully it will be sooner for you! And I hope you don't actually get sick. The meat (esp chicken) aversion is so funny - it seems like so many women have that aversion whereas I've been the opposite and am actually craving meat!

    If we go by some of the old wives' tales at this point, your signs are currently pointing to girl and mine to boy. Interesting...and probably complete crap. I'll stop rambling now :-)

    1. I am secretly hoping for a girl (okay, guess it's not much of a secret), just because that's what I always imagined. Although I would of course be happy either way :)