Monday, December 30, 2013


Hey y'all, just checking in.  I'm not posting much because there's not much happening.  Just freaking out and hating the TWW.  You know, the usual.  Hoping our beta will be positive...and then afraid that it will be positive.  What if something goes wrong?

Everyone always wonders if my (potential) pregnancy will be considered high-risk because of all the struggles to get there.  The truth is, it would be treated like a normal pregnancy unless something happens to prove otherwise---just like with any other pregnancy.  Even though we have tried without any success for 5 years, they don't have any reason to believe I can't carry a pregnancy to full-term since I've never suffered a miscarriage.  The only difference is that I would get an ultrasound earlier than most because the RE will check things out around 6 weeks before releasing me to an OB.  Wow.  It's crazy to think I might actually be pregnant.

I'll post my results, but probably not until after our second beta (if the first is positive, we will have a second one two days later to make sure things are progressing normally).  We want to at least tell our family before the blogging community.  My mom would kill me if she wasn't the first to know (after the husband of course!).

And before anyone bites my head off...yes, we will be telling people earlier than most.  I understand that things can happen and I can't control that---but I will want to have a support system to share in the good or help me survive the bad.  I've waited too long for this to not tell people right away.  Besides, pretty much everyone we know are aware that we are doing IVF and so they are already asking about the results.  I post about my whole life here anyway.

I will be back in a few days with the news :)