Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 2 of Stims

Not much going on around here, but I thought I would at least check in.  I started my injections yesterday.  After we got the mixing down, it was a really easy shot.  Thank goodness we are doing subcutaneous injections this time.  Last time, they were done intramuscular, which sucks!  Have you seen the size of those needles?  Ugh.  No thanks.  I'll take those little sub-q baby needles anytime.

No side effects yet, which is great.  I've experienced just a little bit of pain/burning right after doing the shot, but that's it.  No bruises yet either, so that's a plus.

I went to a birthday party today for my husband's coworker's daughter.  She turned 5.  Usually these kinds of events put me into a panic.  After all, we are typically the only couple there without a child (this was no exception).  However, it went better than expected.  There were several adorable babies there (military families are especially fertile), which usually just makes me sad.  Instead, I held them and put one to sleep, which always makes me happy.  When the other women asked about children, I told them that we are in the middle of an IVF cycle.  This was huge for me.  For some reason, I never have the guts to tell people in those kind of situations.  I think I just don't want to make them feel awkward since nobody ever knows what to say about it.  Surprisingly, the husband actually tells people way more often than I do.  So I took a page out of his book and told them the truth, instead of just sidestepping the question altogether.  They were supportive and asked questions, which I love to answer.

My next update will probably be after my monitoring appointment next week.  Have a great rest of your weekend y'all :)