Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello 2nd Trimester!!!

Sorry I haven't really posted much on here lately, but there really hasn't been much to blog about.  I've been super tired working all the time, and I am sick of coming home to my dirty house...but I just don't have enough energy left to clean.  Because of this, and after complaining to my poor hubby the past few days, I decided to talk to my boss today and we agreed that I should shorten my hours to part-time.  I am so thrilled with this decision.  It will stink to lose the little bit of extra income, but it is more than worth it to finally have some time to get everything done that I have put off since starting work last month.

The baby will be here in less than 6 months (madness!), and before then we have to find a new place to live, pack up our whole house, and actually move.  This may sound crazy to those that follow along and know that we have only actually lived in our current house for less than a year.  But the truth is, I made a really bad choice when I picked this house.  The house itself is fine--although too big for our little family--and the neighborhood is safe, but it's way more than the housing allowance the military offers for this area.  And then when you add utilities on top of that...let's just say it's not a sound financial decision, especially when we are adding another little person to our family.  So now we have to downsize right before we upsize (is that a word?  It is now) our family.  Anyway, my point was that I need this extra time to prepare for all of these things and also try to throw some exercise and sleep into the mix before my ass gets out of control.


Now for the weekly details:

How far along: 14w1d (yay for 2nd trimester!)

Size of baby: Lemon!

Physical symptoms: Constipation.  Heartburn.  Leg cramps.  Back pain.  Exhaustion.  (but honestly, none of them are that bad, so I'm not complaining.  I know I'm getting off easy so far!)

Weight gain/loss: Who knows anymore?  It fluctuates a lot these days.  I'm gonna call it +5

Maternity clothes: Love them, but I really only use them for work.  On the weekend, I live in leggings (okay, those are also maternity) and maxi dresses.  I only have one pair of jeans that still fit me, but it doesn't make sense to spend a ton on maternity jeans when it is already over 70 degrees most days here.

Stretch marks: Boobs only

Sleep: Getting a little better.

Best moment since last week:  Not pregnancy related, but my husband took me to Santa Cruz for my bday last weekend, which was amazing :)

Movement: Hopefully in the next couple of weeks!

Cravings/Aversions:  Mexican food, Thai food, sour candy

Gender: Not yet

Labor signs: Way too early!

Belly button:  Innie

What I miss:  Booze

What I am looking forward to:  Finding out the gender.  I wanna buy cute little boy or girl things!


  1. Yay for the second trimester! We plan on moving before the babies come too. Its so very overwhelming to think about.

    1. So overwhelming! But exciting because now when I house-hunt, I don't seem crazy when I talk about the baby's room haha

  2. Welcome to the second trimester!