Wednesday, May 14, 2014

23 weeks...

Hi y'all.  Sorry that I totally suck at posting these days.  Truth is, there isn't much to say.  Things are progressing normally, and for that I am thrilled.  Things at home are stressful.  We are still trying to find a new place to live, and the choices are really slim where we are.  Hopefully we will find something soon so we can be moved in before things get real crazy with baby coming.  For now, all of his things are in boxes, and I am stressing that I can't start setting up a room yet.  How will I nest without a home to nest in?  Anyway, if you care, the updates are below.


How far along: 23 weeks

Size of baby: pomegranate

Physical symptoms: cankles, leg and hip cramps, lower back pain, constipation...overall "large-ness" haha

Weight gain/loss: 19 lbs...ouch

Maternity clothes: Yup, love them.

Stretch marks: Boobs only

Sleep: Well it got pretty bad, so I finally bought a pregnancy pillow.  So far, it seems to be helping at least a little.  Hey, I'll take what I can get at this point!

Best moment since last week:  Feeling him move on the outside!

Movement: I've been feeling a ton of movement for the last week or so, but yesterday, I finally felt him move on the outside.  It was awesome, and I am starting to feel more secure now that I can feel him daily.

Cravings/Aversions:  Same.  Love everything bad for me, which is why I am already up 19 lbs. :(

Gender: Boy!!!!

Labor signs: nope

Belly button:  stretched-out innie...slowly becoming an outie

What I miss:  Booze, sleeping on my back, walking up stairs without losing my breath

What I am looking forward to: my shower!  It is so hard not to buy things all the time, but I am trying to wait until after my shower

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