Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ovulation confirmed!

Just got a call from Dr. M with confirmation that I ovulated according to the serum progesterone test I had done yesterday. Yay! Now just waiting around to test. We decided that the husband will go freeze his sperm this week just in case, so I will wait a few more days before testing. I'm still not experiencing any side effects from the progesterone suppositories, which is good. It does cause an orangish colored discharge though, and makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but I can live with that. I'm kind of nervous about getting a yeast infection from the pill, so I'm constantly thinking about it. No bueno, but I can deal. Especially if it ends up helping to get me preggers. The doctor said I should keep taking them and call the office when I get a positive HPT or when my period starts, whichever comes first. So we are in for a looooong weekend!


  1. I'm not sure, he didnt give me the number. He's kind of an oddball, and our phone convos are short and to the point haha