Friday, March 15, 2013

F***ing Doctors...

I am sitting at a Panera trying not to cry...yep, that's how this day is going.

Just had my U/S, which went ok. Dr. M found a dominant follicle measuring at like 25, which is the biggest I've ever had. However, he also had no idea who I was or what I was there for today. I know I am not the only patient these doctors see, but it would be nice if they could at least read over my chart beforehand so that they could pretend to know me. After all, they have seen parts of me even my husband hasn't seen, and it is a very delicate time for infertiles like me.

But no, he asked me to spread my legs and then used the dildo cam to check my ovaries while talking to the nurse about his plans for the weekend. He is going to the ballet, in case you all were wondering. Oh, and the nurse is taking her kids ice skating. Don't worry about me doc, I'm just trying not to cry while you probe around my insides for a bit.

So, he asked when I got my positive OPK, and I told him. Then he asked if I was there for a post coital. Umm no, Doc, I am here for an IUI with frozen sperm since my husband is out of town. Oh? So we should probably have Dr. C thaw the sample. Seriously?

After my fun U/S, we talked in his office. Well, he scribbled notes while I tried to ask him questions as usual. He once again pointed out my possible endo and said we should treat with gonadotropins, which we have already done. And then he asked if I took any meds this month...against seriously? No, I was unmedicated because of your treatment plan!

Then he said to come back in about an hour for the insemination. When I went up to the front to ask the nurses if they could make sure Dr. C got the order to thaw the sample, they didn't even have my IUI on the schedule. Incompetence at its finest is all I can say.

Now I will eat my lunch and try to get in a more positive mood before my's to hoping I don't cry on the table.

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  1. O.M.G. Are you serious? I would feel so let down if I were you. I am so sorry you had to experience that today.

    I really hope that this ends is a BFP!