Thursday, March 14, 2013

Waiting on a positive OPK

Missing the husband like crazy over here...nobody ever tells you how the boredom is really the part that gets to you when they are gone.

Anyways...I am in CD 11 over here. Crazy amounts of EWCM yesterday, which is great, but frustrating because I literally only ever get it when the husband is away. Apparently the world is against us getting pregnant the old fashioned way! I started OPK's yesterday, and am already seeing two lines. I will continue testing 3 times a day today and tomorrow until I get a smiley face on that damn test stick. Nothing like taking long breaks at work to go test in the bathroom...and having everyone stare at you with concern thinking you must have tummy trouble to be spending that much time in the bathroom stall. The joys of TTC!

After I get my positive OPK, Dr. M told me to schedule an U/S that night to see if I have a follie that has burst or is getting ready to. Then I will schedule an IUI for the next day. First time using frozen sperm, so we will see how the sample thaws. I'm pretty nervous about it, and I really don't want it to hurt like the last time since I will be alone again. Hopefully this all works out on the weekend so I don't have to go back to work like I did last month. But we shall see as always. This will be IUI #5...which I never thought I would have to say. Wish I could tell you which cycle number this is, but I lost count a long time ago and it started to get depressing seeing the number go so high.

I am also going to talk to Dr. M about doing IVF if this cycle doesn't work. The husband should be home just in time for one last cycle before our move, and I plan on taking advantage of it. I'll let y'all know how that talk goes.

On another note, I had a fabulous birthday weekend with my best friend! We explored Seattle and downtown Olympia, and just made the most of her short time here. It was great having girl time and forgetting about things for a few days. Shout out to K for coming to see me and making my 28th birthday a memorable one!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I am a huge Seattle fan. Its about 6 hours from where we are... I don't visit enought though BEST of luck this cycle!!!!

    1. I don't visit enough either, and I only live about an hour away!