Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Under the weather...

So I called my doctor's office today to let them know that we were going to have to scrap this month because the husband had to go home on emergency leave.  They were very nice (for once...gotta say the office staff aren't all that friendly), and told me to call when we were ready.

Even though we aren't doing anything this cycle since I don't know when the husband will be home, I decided to fill my prescription for Menopur anyway.  I've been waiting over a week to hear from the pharmacy, so I called them to see if they had gotten the pre-authorization from Tricare yet.  To my surprise, they did.  And then they told me what I would have to pay....$12.  Yes, you read that right.  My copay for this very expensive medicine was only $12!!!  Tricare can be wonderful sometimes.  I have found that they are one of the only insurance companies that actually cover fertility medication.  There is a catch though.  They will cover testing and medicine as long as it is for a cycle using timed intercourse.  So no IUI or IVF coverage.  Well, the doctor and I decided to try Menopur and timed intercourse since they haven't yet found anything wrong besides some bad CM.  According to him, Menopur helps a lot with creating fertile CM, so we figured that would be just the ticket.  Because of this decision, I only had to pay a copay for my meds instead of full price.  Before finding this out, I was going to purchase from IVFmeds.com, and it would have cost $600 for the same amount of medicine.  Yep, it costs $58 per vial.  And he ordered 10 for this cycle.  Holy crap, that is a lot of dough!  Now you see why I decided not to take it this month on the off chance that the husband might make it home in time for ovulation.

I am hoping that everything works out and we are able to use the medicine next cycle.  Either way, I talked to the husband last night about my feelings about taking a break.  He still wants to do IVF cycle, but we both understand that we don't know what the next couple of weeks will bring.  I just wanted him to know that his mom's health is my #1  priority right now.  Even though I am also sad that it will take longer to have our family, I know that I would not feel right worrying about that right now when there is something so much more important going on.

On another note, I am sick as a dog right now.  So I am going to cuddle up under a blanket and pop some cold meds and go to bed early.  Nighty night and thanks for the support.

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