Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Second opinions...

I have decided to go see another infertility specialist next week with the encouragement of a very good friend of mine.  I want to find out if he can find something wrong that other doctors missed or if IVF is really the only option for us at this point.  Usually, I would not go to this type of appointment when the husband is out of town, but we are in a bit of a time crunch right now.  If the husband passes the training he is currently in, we will be moving back to North Carolina for a couple of years.  During that time, he will not really be able to take time off, and we would not have a support system around us, which would make IVF difficult.  Not impossible, but definitely difficult.  If he doesn't pass the training, he will be heading off to recruiter school in the spring, which would also mean we would be moving to a new place by Summer.  He would have more flexibility in that job, however, I don't know where we will be or what the doctor situation will be in that place.  This particular doctor I am going to see comes highly recommended by other wives I know that are now pregnant or have already had a baby because of him.  He offers amazing military discounts, which is another benefit, since IVF is ridiculously expensive.

Unfortunately, the husband doesn't even know about the appointment since we haven't been able to speak since he left.  I know that he is supportive of everything I do, especially when it comes to this because he wants a family too, but I still feel like I am going behind his back.  My hope is that the doctor will look at my records and give me a plan of action (and a list of costs) that I can then present to the husband when he gets home.  This way, I will already have a plan in place and we can make some important decisions together.  Here's to hoping!

Cross your fingers for me :)


  1. Yaaaaay! Don't let his quirkiness scare you away. I'm convinced that he's just so insanely smart that he had difficulty holding conversations with people.of average intelligence. Best of luck! I actually just sent him a Christmas card with Hazel's picture yesterday. Good luck!

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